Hideaki Shikama
Children of the discordance


Founded by Hideaki Shikama in 2011, Children of the discordance is a Japanese label that pays tribute to street culture and uniqueness that expresses the fundamental attitude of “discordance.” Inspired by Shikama’s memories of music, fashion and zeitgeist from the 90’s and beyond, Children of the discordance is a highly personal and youthful brand that greatly respects the craftsmen, creators and producers behind the scenes.

From the humble beginnings of a Harajuku boutique in 2005, Shikama has built a label that harmonises vintage rebelliousness with respect for unique cultures around the world. He often makes use of materials that are sourced from overseas communities such as tribesmen from Africa and people living difficult lives in conflict zones, and each finished piece honours the cultures it originated from. Shikama’s style is bold, energetic and proudly out of step with current trends.

Children of the discordance has been highly acclaimed by the fashion community in both Japan and around the globe. After presenting its collections overseas for the first time in 2014, the brand went from strength to strength with each passing year. Shikama presented his collections at New York and Paris Fashion Week and has a stockist including I.T, Farfetch, Dover Street Market and others. He won the prestigious Tokyo Fashion Award in 2018 and was featured as one of the 10 Asian Designers to Watch in 2020. Children of the discordance has also been selected for Milano Fashion Week since 2020.

Derek Chan & Mite Chan

Hong Kong

Founded in 2014 by Hong Kong-born Chief Designer Derek Chan, DEMO bridges the divide between the contemporary style and timeless traditions to create a unique world of soft masculinity. DEMO celebrates self-expression, personal identity and boundless gender fluidity above all.

Despite its rejection of stereotypical masculinity, DEMO nevertheless harmonises classical, timeless menswear elements into its collections. Subverting expectations is at the very heart of DEMO, a label that deconstructs traditional styles and patterns to create an opportunity for new transformations. DEMO fills the void where gender norms break down so that each wearer can be exactly who they want to be. Taking inspiration from art, nature and classic literature, DEMO infuses sensitivity, emotional appeal and delicacy – traditionally found mostly in womenswear – into a progressive yet neutral menswear silhouette. As the world changes every day, DEMO takes a unique look at the future for the most innovative minds.

​Derek and Mite began their journey in fashion by studying Fashion Design. Derek attained a Master’s degree in Philosophy in Fashion and Textile Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He competed in the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest in 2012, which ignited his career and led to the creation of DEMO. His latest FW22 collection – “To Be Themselves, To Be Free, To Be a Star” – is inspired by the glorious excess and style of the legendary Studio 54 nightclub in 1970’s New York City.