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    Fair Dates : 10-12 September 2021 (Friday – Sunday)
    Venue : Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
    Gross Exhibition Space : 9,300 sqm
    Organiser : Hong Kong Trade Development Council
    Statistical Data : Brands Trade Buyers Public Visitors
    Hong Kong 133 2,554 17,238
    Outside Hong Kong 90
    Total 223 2,554 17,238
    From 24 countries and regions
  • Fair Statistics

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    Brand Profile

     Hong Kong Brands 133
     Brands from outside Hong Kong 90
     Total 223


    Number of Brands from outside Hong Kong by Country/Region

    Country / Region Number
    Thailand 24
    Macau 10
    Japan 7
    Kazakhstan 6
    Mainland China 6
    Finland 5
    Italy 5
    Taiwan 5
    Australia 3
    Canada 2
    France 2
    India 2
    Korea 2
    United Kingdom 2
    Belgium 1
    Brazil 1
    Germany 1
    Philippines 1
    Poland 1
    Portugal 1
    Spain 1
    Sweden 1
    USA 1
    Total 90


    Visitor Profile

    Number of Visitors (Physical Fair)

    Number of Visitors
     Trade Buyers 2,554
     Public Visitors 17,238


  • Fair Report

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    • Asia’s premier fashion event which serves as a promotional and launch pad for fashion brands and designer labels, featuring over 220 brands from 24 countries and regions

    • Close to 30 fashion events including runway shows, stunning parades and industry seminars were held during the event, offering a full vision of the latest collections and trends of the upcoming seasons

    • A month-long citywide campaign featured a series of fashion events with collaboration with Hong Kong boutiques, shopping malls and cultural landmarks to generate a fashion buzz across the city

    • Held concurrently with the world’s largest timepiece event – HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair and Salon de TE


    Asia’s Fashion Spotlight

    Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the sixth edition of CENTRESTAGE took place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 10 to 12 September 2021.

    CENTRESTAGE is an ideal promotional and launch platform for Asian fashion brands and designers. The three-day event continued to be the centre of attention of Asia’s fashion industry, attracting participation from many international fashion brands and designers, particularly those keen on tapping into the Asian market. The extravaganza brought together more than 220 fashion brands from 24 countries and regions and attracted close to 3,100 trade buyers as well as more than 17,200 public visitors to participate and source fashion items. During the three days of the event, close to 620 video business meetings were arranged to match global fashion buyers with exhibitors online.


    Stage Time Abounds

    Close to 30 runway shows, stunning parades and industry seminars were held during the event, offering a full vision of the latest collections and trends of the upcoming seasons.

    Highlighted fashion shows

    CENTRESTAGE ELITES – The opening gala fashion show invited renowned Hong Kong designers Calvin Chan and Joyce Kun’s brand The World Is Your Oyster, as well as acclaimed Korean designer Lee Mooyeol’s brand, YOUSER, in a joint fashion show to feature their 2022 spring/summer collections. For the first time, the CENTRESTAGE ELITES show was boosted by extended reality (XR) elements. The show drew an impressive attendance of industry insiders, celebrities and fashionistas including Alfred Hui, Jason Chan, Venus Wong, Joey Wong JW, Phil Lam, Panther Chan, ANSONBEAN, Ben Chiu, Amy Lo, Karl Ting, Dickson Yu and more. Celebrity singer and fashionista Hins Cheung also performed at the stage and gave his support to the designers.

    •  Two exciting catwalk shows – Hong Kong Emerging Talents Show and Fashion Go Places showcased seven Hong Kong designer labels that have gained prominent exposure in international fashion weeks, including ANGUS TSUI, Bettie Haute Couture, BLIND by JW, SUN=SEN, 112 mountainyam, DORISKATH and METHODOLOGY. They presented their latest collections in these two shows, which received critical acclaim from an enthusiastic audience.

    HONG KONG YOUNG FASHION DESIGNERS’ CONTEST (YDC) has long been serving as an incumbent to nurture and identify emerging talents in the local fashion industry. This year, the contestants competed for the Champion and Best Visual Presentation Award, Excellence Award and My Favourite Collection Award. The strong line-up of judges included Chief Judge Katherine Fang, Chairman of the HKTDC Garment Advisory Committee, and VIP Judges Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh, founders of the menswear label BOTTER. The Champion was awarded a cash prize and an overseas study trip sponsored by Fang Brothers Knitting Ltd.

    YDC video is available at:


    Fashionistas to Explore FashionTrends and Share Insights

    A series of seminars and sharing sessions were hosted by style masters and fashion fashionistas to share their perspectives on fashion trends.

    The Asia’s first large-scale conference on sustainable fashion – the Fashion Summit, was held from 9-10 Sept under the theme of “Design for the Future” with objectives to raise public understanding and awareness on the role of the fashion industry in leading the revolutionary change to achieve sustainable fashion. Key players from the fashion industry, NGOs, media, decision makers and leaders gathered to exchange insights on the latest sustainable fashion trends, technology, best practice, solutions, and opportunities.

    “Fashion Know-how: Quick and Easy Mix-and-Match Tips” was held on 11 September. Fashion designer & KOL Lilian Kan, fashion designer Carrie Kwok and Jewellery designer & KOL Joey Sze, shared mix-and-match styling tips to public visitors on outfits and accessories.


    Fashion Meets the City

    OPENSTAGE – for the first time, the show is open to public visitors aged 12 or above for the entire fair period to experience the magic of the fashion industry and check out the latest design from leading brands.  A series of exciting fashion events were arranged over the weekend for the public, such as the Hong Kong Kids Fashion Show with celebrity guests Sherry Chen and Gloria Cheung attended and the “LEGO x Hong Kong Designers Parade”.

    “CENTRESTAGE in Town” Citywide Promotion (mid-August – 30 September 2021) – the month-long citywide promotional campaign brought excitement to the general public.  In collaboration with an array of partners, encompassing boutiques, shopping malls and cultural landmarks to generate a fashion buzz across the city, a series of fashion activities were held to promote CENTRESTAGE and Hong Kong’s fashion industry across the city.  This year’s CENTRESTAGE in Town featured a variety of themed events, including fashion showcases, gallery and workshops, which fashion lovers can immerse themselves in the local fashion culture in different ways.


    For more information about CENTRESTAGE 2021 and the pictures of the spectacular happenings, please visit the official website at www.centrestage.com.hk


    Or contact:
    Hong Kong Trade Development Council
    Exhibitions Department
    Unit 13, Expo Galleria
    Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
    1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai
    Hong Kong
    Tel:       (852) 1830-668
    Fax:      (852) 2824-0026
    E-mail:  exhibitions@hktdc.org

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