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Welcome Message

A very warm welcome to CENTRESTAGE 2022, one of Asia’s signature fashion events.

Running under the theme “Inclusion and Diversity” with the hashtag “#MeMyselfAndUs”, this year’s CENTRESTAGE emphasises self-expression and the uniqueness of individuals. It also encourages embracing different cultures and values, and promotes the free and bold articulation of beauty and creativity.

This year, the show is playing host to more than 230 fashion brands and designer labels from 15 countries and regions, providing an ideal platform to unveil the latest collections and fashion accessories. On top of physical presentation, the brands’ info and designs are also featured on the CENTRESTAGE 2022 website, which is jointly developed by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and our digital content partner Vogue Hong Kong, enabling buyers to view them without temporal and spatial constraints. Overseas buyers can also meet the exhibitors online to explore business opportunities via our business matching services.

CENTRESTAGE kicks off with CENTRESTAGE ELITES. The opening gala show is staged with models strutting down the runway in the 2023 spring/summer collections by Hong Kong label DEMO, co-founded by Derek Chan and Mite Chan, and Japanese designer Hideaki Shikama’s brand, Children of the discordance. The show will be livestreamed to the CENTRESTAGE website and social media channels.

Having long served as a launch pad for local talent to kickstart their career and make their mark in fashion, the “Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest” (YDC) will be held on the last day of CENTRESTAGE (11 September), for which a panel of eminent judges will select the fashion stars of tomorrow.

In addition, around 30 fashion shows, mini parades and insightful seminars have been arranged throughout the three days.

Following last year’s well-received response, CENTRESTAGE is once again open to the public, giving fashion lovers the opportunity to experience the extravaganza as well as check out current styles and fashion trends. To enhance public engagement, an array of interactive experiences empowered by AR and VR technology will be offered at the fairground. Highlights include virtual try-on of outfits specially designed for CENTRESTAGE, as well as “CENTREVERSE”, a custom-built phygital experience that allows visitors to participate in various fashion events virtually and interact using their personalised avatars.

Moreover, a series of fashion-related events and promotions has been staged across Hong Kong, including Central Market, D2 Place and Harbour City, under the CENTRESTAGE in Town citywide campaign to spread the buzz from the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to every corner of the city.

We wish you a fruitful and inspiring time at CENTRESTAGE 2022.

Katherine Fang
HKTDC Garment Advisory Committee

Margaret Fong
Executive Director
Hong Kong Trade Development Council


歡迎各位蒞臨亞洲時尚盛事CENTRESTAGE 2022。


今年,展會匯聚來自15個國家及地區、超過230個時裝及設計師品牌,呈獻最新的時裝及時尚配飾系列。除實體展示外,品牌的資料及設計亦同時上載到由香港貿發局與Vogue Hong Kong共同製作的CENTRESTAGE 2022網站,讓買家可以隨時隨地瀏覽。海外買家更可以透過我們的商貿配對服務,與參展商於線上洽商。

展會由CENTRESTAGE ELITES大型時裝匯演掀開序幕。今年我們邀請到香港品牌DEMO兩位創辦人陳進傑(Derek)和 陳敬揚(Mite),以及日本品牌Children of the discordance的設計師志鎌英明,在匯演上發表2023春夏系列。觀眾可於CENTRESTAGE網站及社交平台收看同步直播。



延續去年廣受歡迎的安排,今年CENTRESTAGE再次開放予公眾入場,讓一眾時裝愛好者能親身參與展會的精彩活動,掌握最新以至來季的時尚風格及時裝趨勢。為進一步提升參觀人士的體驗,會場將帶來一系列結合AR和VR技術的互動元素,其中包括以虛擬方式試穿專為 CENTRESTAGE 設計的服裝,以及進入「CENTREVERSE」元宇宙參與時尚活動,並透過虛擬化身與其他參觀人士互動。

此外,我們透過CENTRESTAGE in Town全城時尚推廣活動,將潮流氣息由香港會議展覽中心帶到中環街市、D2 Place及海港城等全港多個角落。

我們祝願各位在CENTRESTAGE 2022取得豐碩成果,滿載而歸。



May the Force be with US

The collaboration between Vogue Hong Kong and Hong Kong Centrestage has entered its third year, with the themes “A World of Phygital” in 2020, “Chapter Infinity” in 2021 and “Me, Myself & Us” in 2022, reflecting the rapidly changing times over these past three years.

The pandemic drove us to a Phygital lifestyle. Livestream, WFH and Zoom were born, quickly becoming the norm.

Infinity represents possibility. Impossible becomes I'm possible.

This year, we explore D&I - diversity and inclusion - two buzzwords in the fashion industry.

On the runway, models of all shapes, sizes and skin tones are the first step for Diversity. Behind the scenes, the equal participation of different races and genders in the creative process still has a long journey ahead before reaching true Inclusivity.

Diversity, inclusion and acceptance can be seen as far back as 40 years ago, in the legendary movie “Star Wars” by George Lucas. The human Jedi, the almost 1000 year old Yoda, the memorable giant Jabba the Hutt, Chewie, the long-haired Wookie, the controversial Jar Jar Binks and more all coexist across different planets, and are all accepted as who they are.

One figure spearheading the movement towards authentic diversity & inclusion is Rihanna, who has also shown that upholding these values can be a winning business model. The entrepreneur, singer and makeup mogul founded the beauty brand Fenty Beauty with 40 shades of foundation at launch, embracing all different skin tones. She then went on to launch the Savage x Fenty underwear brand, inviting models like the pregnant Slick Woods alongside models with mobility aids and models of varying body types, redefining the standard of beauty and successfully bringing a new and long-awaited change to the fashion industry.

To distinguish “me” and “you” does not need to be a confrontation, but an acceptance. "Us" does not mean all assimilating to the same thing, but rather a sharing - respecting each person's characteristics and accepting each other. Unity can be difficult but it is the source of true strength and potential, and the Force behind everything.

This year, we brings together x brands. I look forward to watching these New Forces of Fashion shining more brightly together, as a united front.

Kat Yeung

May the Force be with US

《VOGUE》Hong Kong與Centrestage 的合作不經不覺已踏入了第三年,由2020年的主題“A World of Phygital”,2021年的“Chapter Infinity”到2022年的“Me Myself & Us”,見證時代變遷。

大流行驅使我們進入Phygital的生活模式,Livestream WFH Zoom應運而生。

Infinity代表可能性,impossible成為I’m possible。



多元包容這個buzzword遠可追溯到40多年前的元祖《星球大戰》,作者George Lucas說是得到他敬仰的日本大師黑澤明《戰國英豪》的啟發,故事中擁有原力的超凡人類Jedi、曼德羅星的頭盔族Mandalorian、令人難忘的巨型Jabba the Hutt、卡希克星的長毛族Chewie、爭議性的角色海底生物Jar Jar Binks 等,不同種族性別在各大星球共處,絕對是D&I的典範。

新世代佼佼者可說是Rihanna ,她創立的美容品牌Fenty Beauty甫推出,粉底已多達40色,包容不同膚色國界,Savage x Fenty內衣品牌更邀請不同身形的模特兒包括孕婦Slick Woods行騷,展現多樣多元的價值觀,重新定義美麗的標準,成功為時尚市場帶來新衝擊。

Me and you不是對立而是接納,“Us”不是同化而是共享,尊重每個人的特質、彼此包容是一種多角度思維。團結是難,但它便是力量。這個時裝網頁集結x個品牌生力軍,期待New Forces of Fashion一起共創、發光發亮。

Kat Yeung

The Sparkle Collection

身为时尚家电、家俬、家品、厨柜品牌──德国宝的第二代,SPARKLE COLLECTION创办人陈嘉贤(Karen Chan)除了传承和发展家族生意外,从小受东西方文化影响的她,所设计的摩登旗袍及新派唐装拥有强烈的个人风格,活泼、玩味、时尚而不失传统韵味,同时传承着弥足珍贵的「非物质文化遗产」,将旗袍以常服年轻化。

1/ 多元性(diversity)对你来说意味着什么?


香港是一个拥有多元文化背景的地方,在这东西文化交汇融合的环境下土生土长的我,不同的文化早烙印在我心里。青春期时,我在香港完成中学生涯后,有机会出国到美国留学和到加拿大工作,在纽约、温哥华、西雅图等国际大城市长达 15 年之久,让我接触到西方自由奔放的文化。而与当地拥有不同文化背景的多元种族接触、生活,更让我受到多元文化共冶一炉的熏陶,大开眼界之余,启发了我的思想,教会我欣赏世界的多元性,成就了今日的我,也对我从事设计行业有着莫大影响!

出自我笔下的设计总是以「多元性」为出发点。我曾跟随「非物质文化遗产」长衫的大师学习制作中国旗袍,因此,我在设计时既保留中华传统手艺与造工,亦融合从西方所吸收到的不同设计理念,包括采用大胆配色、活泼且极具玩味的自家品牌图案设计、结合各款面料并兼顾可穿性,透过糅合东西文化风格,设计出极具现代风格的旗袍和唐装,适合日常 Mix & Match、Party Look,甚至日常返工,毫无违和感地配合不同场合的衣着 —— 中国女性能展现出独特的东方美态,而西方女性亦可轻松驾驭。

我深信,我们需要让思维和想像力变得更具多元性,别让传统或主流规则成为枷锁,限制着我们的创意和发挥。相反,要有个 Playful Heart,要让任何事物都变得更有趣,而这一切都取决于你如何接纳和演绎它。对我来说,这就是多元性的核心意义。

2/ 多元性(diversity)如何给你新的设计灵感?

「多元性」的确是SPARKLE COLLECTION今年全新系列中一大重心!谁说旗袍图案一定是传统的花卉、大自然和几何图案?

这次我们以「香港情怀」为主题,重新演绎盛载着无数香港人集体回忆的「士多」、「香港传统节庆」,以及家传户晓、堪称经典且代表香港精神的「红白蓝」,透过「Rrethink」为这些元素赋予新生命。或许大家难以从这些主题联想到时尚,但这次我们就是要把这些变成独特而多彩的设计,再以融合东西文化的方式制作面料,从概念、设计、颜色上再次印证SPARKLE COLLECTION的多元性。


SPARKLE COLLECTION是一个富现代魅力的设计师品牌,善于创作年轻和充满活力的时尚中国风轻奢设计,以大胆和活泼的颜色取代传统旗袍常使用的柔和色调,为传统旗袍和唐装增添俏皮玩味,幻化成东西方时尚!

总括而言,SPARKLE COLLECTION 强调独特性、多元性,以色彩丰富的设计带出充满乐趣的感觉,Party Line和Denim Collection适合任何场合穿搭──从日常生活、Party到办公室,而 Wedding & Couture Line 在出席政商界典礼甚至婚嫁、宴会等隆重场合都大方得体。

4/ 什么最影响你的设计风格?


以前因工作关系,每年参观各种各类的时尚设计展览,公干旅行时,每每去到别的城市或国家,我总会到访当地博物馆,尤其是现代艺术馆或当代艺术馆,欣赏不同地域的不同艺术风格。哪怕疫情之后无法出国旅行,在香港 Staycation 时我都会选择型格的 Boutique 精品酒店,或到香港的不同区域地方发掘更多,去欣赏身边的设计,去「被 Inspired」。

在SPARKLE COLLECTION今年全新系列中,我的灵感泉源来自我对旧香港的童年记忆,尤其是 80、90 年代的黄金时代,在士多中让每个小孩双眼发光的小玩具和怀旧零食,如吹波胶、摇摇、沙滩波、波板糖等,还有满载回忆的喜庆节日,大时大节舞狮的狮头、端午节扒龙舟的龙头、庆祝活动的花牌等等。我们所设计的图案不仅仅是图案,每一件作品、每一个设计都代表着一个香港人的故事,蕴含并记录着不同年代的集体回忆,就如 Time Capsule,当你看到它时,会与你产生共鸣,以一种特殊的方式触动你的心。

5/ 将中式旗袍剪裁作为设计核心,加入西式元素,你的设计分别如何体现东西方美学(材料、剪裁、设计),二者又是如何和谐共处?


6/ 在保存传统中式服饰设计元素的同时,今次系列为贴合现代穿衣风格作出了哪些改良?


因此,SPARKLE COLLECTION 在布料设计方面,跨界别与香港各行各业联乘,包括动漫界、玩具界、室内设计界、建筑界、工业界、家俬界的设计师,利用几何图形、室内设计元素、建筑元素等,创作出品牌原创设计图案,配以跳脱、活泼、大胆的颜色,使作品更年青、更有活力,令人眼前一亮!

而在剪裁方面,我作为用家,深明女士穿着旗袍时的忌讳,综合自己穿着旗袍的心得,在保留旗袍传统工艺和美感的同时,于剪裁上加以改良设计:上身保留传统贴身剪裁,展现女性身体的美丽轮廓和曲线美;下身改良为A字裙设计,起修饰身形的效果,能遮盖易显胖的部位,例如小腹、坐围、大腿等,达至「隐恶扬善」的功能;再结合裙脚两侧的中式开衩,达至旗袍密实之中的性感美。经改良后的旗袍,适合不同身形、不同年龄层的女士在不同场合穿着 —— 穿上SPARKLE COLLECTION的旗袍,展现自信、最具时尚东方美的一面。

而富现代感、散发年轻活力的设计,更让曾经象征着端庄优雅的旗袍变得别致、时髦、俏皮,并符合大都市的生活所需,让女士们可易于在日常生活中穿着,更可配搭运动小白鞋,别致时尚。此外,我们更带领潮流,将传统的唐装衫「男装女穿」,Mix & Match 配纱裙穿搭成 Party Look,又或搭配紧身牛仔裤、迷你裙和腰带作为 Casual Look,带来与别不同的时尚玩味造型!