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Welcome Message

A very warm welcome to CENTRESTAGE 2022, one of Asia’s signature fashion events.

Running under the theme “Inclusion and Diversity” with the hashtag “#MeMyselfAndUs”, this year’s CENTRESTAGE emphasises self-expression and the uniqueness of individuals. It also encourages embracing different cultures and values, and promotes the free and bold articulation of beauty and creativity.

This year, the show is playing host to more than 230 fashion brands and designer labels from 15 countries and regions, providing an ideal platform to unveil the latest collections and fashion accessories. On top of physical presentation, the brands’ info and designs are also featured on the CENTRESTAGE 2022 website, which is jointly developed by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and our digital content partner Vogue Hong Kong, enabling buyers to view them without temporal and spatial constraints. Overseas buyers can also meet the exhibitors online to explore business opportunities via our business matching services.

CENTRESTAGE kicks off with CENTRESTAGE ELITES. The opening gala show is staged with models strutting down the runway in the 2023 spring/summer collections by Hong Kong label DEMO, co-founded by Derek Chan and Mite Chan, and Japanese designer Hideaki Shikama’s brand, Children of the discordance. The show will be livestreamed to the CENTRESTAGE website and social media channels.

Having long served as a launch pad for local talent to kickstart their career and make their mark in fashion, the “Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest” (YDC) will be held on the last day of CENTRESTAGE (11 September), for which a panel of eminent judges will select the fashion stars of tomorrow.

In addition, around 30 fashion shows, mini parades and insightful seminars have been arranged throughout the three days.

Following last year’s well-received response, CENTRESTAGE is once again open to the public, giving fashion lovers the opportunity to experience the extravaganza as well as check out current styles and fashion trends. To enhance public engagement, an array of interactive experiences empowered by AR and VR technology will be offered at the fairground. Highlights include virtual try-on of outfits specially designed for CENTRESTAGE, as well as “CENTREVERSE”, a custom-built phygital experience that allows visitors to participate in various fashion events virtually and interact using their personalised avatars.

Moreover, a series of fashion-related events and promotions has been staged across Hong Kong, including Central Market, D2 Place and Harbour City, under the CENTRESTAGE in Town citywide campaign to spread the buzz from the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to every corner of the city.

We wish you a fruitful and inspiring time at CENTRESTAGE 2022.

Katherine Fang
HKTDC Garment Advisory Committee

Margaret Fong
Executive Director
Hong Kong Trade Development Council

May the Force be with US

The collaboration between Vogue Hong Kong and Hong Kong Centrestage has entered its third year, with the themes “A World of Phygital” in 2020, “Chapter Infinity” in 2021 and “Me, Myself & Us” in 2022, reflecting the rapidly changing times over these past three years.

The pandemic drove us to a Phygital lifestyle. Livestream, WFH and Zoom were born, quickly becoming the norm.

Infinity represents possibility. Impossible becomes I'm possible.

This year, we explore D&I - diversity and inclusion - two buzzwords in the fashion industry.

On the runway, models of all shapes, sizes and skin tones are the first step for Diversity. Behind the scenes, the equal participation of different races and genders in the creative process still has a long journey ahead before reaching true Inclusivity.

Diversity, inclusion and acceptance can be seen as far back as 40 years ago, in the legendary movie “Star Wars” by George Lucas. The human Jedi, the almost 1000 year old Yoda, the memorable giant Jabba the Hutt, Chewie, the long-haired Wookie, the controversial Jar Jar Binks and more all coexist across different planets, and are all accepted as who they are.

One figure spearheading the movement towards authentic diversity & inclusion is Rihanna, who has also shown that upholding these values can be a winning business model. The entrepreneur, singer and makeup mogul founded the beauty brand Fenty Beauty with 40 shades of foundation at launch, embracing all different skin tones. She then went on to launch the Savage x Fenty underwear brand, inviting models like the pregnant Slick Woods alongside models with mobility aids and models of varying body types, redefining the standard of beauty and successfully bringing a new and long-awaited change to the fashion industry.

To distinguish “me” and “you” does not need to be a confrontation, but an acceptance. "Us" does not mean all assimilating to the same thing, but rather a sharing - respecting each person's characteristics and accepting each other. Unity can be difficult but it is the source of true strength and potential, and the Force behind everything.

This year, we brings together x brands. I look forward to watching these New Forces of Fashion shining more brightly together, as a united front.

Kat Yeung

Hygiene Measures & Health Tips

To ensure the safety and health of exhibitors and visitors, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre will implement a series of measures during the fair, including the following:


Maintain on-site hygiene and minimise the risk of COVID-19 virus transmission

  • All exhibitors and visitors are required to wear masks. As advised by the Centre for Health Protection (CHP), it is recommended to wear surgical masks, and NOT masks with exhalation valves;
  • Face shields or goggles will be arranged for on-site staff who have frequent exposure to visitors; Exhibitors are encouraged to make similar arrangements for their staff;
  • Before entering the fairground, on-site staff and exhibitors are required to present either of below proofs:
    1. SMS notification containing a negative result of the COVID-19 nucleic acid test taken on or within 14 days before the date they perform duties at the fairs or
    2. Vaccination record showing the completion of two doses of COVID-19 vaccine 14 days before the date they perform duties at the fairs
  • All visitors are requested to scan the QR code via the “LeaveHomeSafe” Mobile App at the fair entrance or complete the registration form in online or physical format provided (visitor’s name, contact number, date and time of visit will be collected) which will be kept by the Organiser for 31 days, to facilitate contact-tracing by the CHP whenever necessary;
  • Exhibitors are required to keep records of the roster and contact details of their on-site staff;
  • Infra-red thermo-imaging stations will be arranged to monitor the temperatures of visitors;
  • Hand sanitisers will be provided in different locations of the venue;
  • Lift panels, escalator handrails, handrails, door handles, tables and chairs will be sterilised regularly and thoroughly;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the venue will be stepped up, including exhibition hall aisles, exhibitor booths, restrooms and other on-site facilities;
  • Visitors will be required to practice social distancing when queuing inside the venue, according to the floor markers;
  • Fresh air circulation will be improved to enhance venue ventilation;
  • Advisory notices on health measures will be displayed at prominent locations in the venue and personal health tips will be posted on the fair websites;
  • Health Ambassadors will be stationed at the venue to provide advice to visitors. And there will be staff deployed to ensure the compliance of health measures by exhibitors and visitors;


No eating or drinking at the fairground

  • Eating or drinking are not allowed at the fairground (including booth areas). Visitors cannot consume any food or drinks at the venue. Catering service will be provided at designated places at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Personal health tips

  • Perform hand hygiene frequently, especially before touching the mouth, nose or eyes; after touching public installations such as handrails or doorknobs; or when hands are contaminated by respiratory secretion after coughing or sneezing;
  • If you have a fever or respiratory symptoms, do not enter the fairground and do seek medical advice promptly;
  • Do not enter the fairground if you have been in close contact with any person who is a confirmed or preliminary positive case of the COVID-19 virus;
  • Wash hands with liquid soap and water, and rub for at least 20 seconds. Then rinse with water and dry with a disposable paper towel or hand dryer. If hand washing facilities are not available, or when hands are not visibly soiled, cleansing hands with a 70 to 80% alcohol-based hand rub is an effective alternative;
  • Cover your mouth and nose with tissue paper when sneezing or coughing. Dispose of the soiled tissues into a lidded rubbish bin, and then wash hands thoroughly;
  • Take a shower and wash your hair when you return home after visiting the fairs and wash the clothes you have worn on that day properly.